Sticky Ball Tape Playing Methods Step by Step Tutorial & Sticky Ball Tape Manufacturer-Whtape

Greetings fellow enthusiasts of sticky ball! Today, we’re diving into the captivating world of stick ball tape and uncovering exciting playing methods that will help you master the way of rolling a smooth sticky ball.

As your trusted Sticky Ball Tape Manufacturer, Whtape is not just about quality products but also about enhancing your playing experience. Let’s embark on this tutorial and discover the thrill of sticky ball tape!

Mastering the Basics-Making A Sticky Ball

1. Pulling A Piece of Sticky Ball Tape

  • With the sticky side up, hold that piece of tape (about 3cm length) in place with your thumb and forefinger.Sticky Ball Tape

2. Rubbing The Edge to Pull up The Adhesive

  • rub the edge of the tape with your index finger and you can pull up the adhesive part.

Our stick ball tape that made of special formula is stretchable. So you can just easily pull the adhesive up without worrying about it breaking!

3. Rolling the Sticky Ball

  • There are many methods to roll sticky ball. One method is to hold the ball in place with your thumb and middle finger. Meanwhile use your index finger to spin the ball.

Advanced Techniques-Making A Water Ball

1.Pulling A Piece of Sticky Ball Tape

  • With the sticky side up, hold that piece of tape (about 3cm length) in place with your thumb and forefinger. It is better to use great than or equal to 4.8cm width sticky ball tape.

2. Stretching The Adhesive

  • Stretch the adhesive as wide as possible so as to be prepared for holding water. If tape is too narrow, water will drop.sticky ball tape-water ball

3. Dip in The Water And Bond The Ball

  • Dip in the water and fill it with water. Next bring it up to form a water ball with the weight of the water. Last, bond the edge with fingers to make a round water ball.

It is super challenging! Try several times and I believe you will definitely succeed and enjoy the fun!

Why Choose Whtape?

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Elevate Your Game with Whtape

As you delve into the exciting realm of stick ball sports, make sure your choice of tape enhances rather than hinders your game. Choose Whtape for a sticky ball tape experience like no other. Order your rolls today and let the games begin with unrivaled stickiness and precision!


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