die cutting service tape sample-thermal conductive tape, copper foil tape, graphite flake, fish paper tape

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Empowers your products that carry your branding, customized designs, and specific requirements.

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We offer kiss cutting, flat bed die-cutting, rotary die-cutting, laser cutting, perforated line cutting.

 A suitable die cut shape or specific size roll will save you a lot by more efficient operations, as well as boost businesses by upgrading their products.

Film Blowing

Under pressure in constant temperature and ration, polyethylene granular materials enter into plastic extruder and melt to fusant. 

These fusant forms into cylindric shape and enter into fixation part of the machine.  Then Carry-over pinch roll continuously delivers PE film to running roller and coiling apparatus and premium PE film jumbo roll is finished.

Through melting and blowing  various types of functional plastic raw materials such as breathable, waterproof, thermal insulated, tough materials to take on the advantages of these materials.

PE film blowing machine


First, materials like films(PET, PE, PI, PVC etc), non-woven fabrics, cloth etc are placed on the coating equipment and coating speed, pressure etc are controlled.

Next, adhesive, such us silicone, acrylic, rubber, synthetic rubber etc, is coated evenly to the substrate in proper angle and position.

adhesive tape coating machine

Rewinding & Spooling

Whether you need shorter rolls for specific applications or longer rolls for efficiency, our rewinding process is adaptable.

Our rewinding machines feature precise tension control systems. This ensures that the tape is rewound evenly without stretching or damaging it.

Our spooling machine boosts profits for our customer by reducing downtime. We understand the value of time, cost-efficiency, increased output, and profitability.


Slitting machines, both shear and razor techniques, ensure precision and quality in the cutting and slitting of adhesive tapes and films.

It allows us to customize the width of adhesive tapes to meet the specific requirements of you. Whether you need narrow rolls for a specialized application or wide rolls for bulk packaging, we can accommodate your needs.

adhesive tape slitting machine


Our rotary die-cutting machine, flatbed die-cutting machine and laser cutting machine allows us to create adhesive tape products in a wide range of custom shapes and sizes.

Whether you need circular pieces, intricate patterns, or specific dimensions, our die-cutting process can accommodate your needs.

flatbed die cutting machine

Flatbed Die-cutting Machine

rotary machine

Rotary Die-cutting Machine

laser cutting machine

Laser Cutting Machine

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