UV Dicing Protective Film

UV Sensitivity

Clean Removal

Anti-static Properties


UV Dicing Protective Film is specifically engineered for semiconductor manufacturing processes. It offers excellent UV sensitivity, allowing for precise exposure and development. This film provides robust protection against mechanical and chemical damage during wafer dicing, ensuring the integrity of delicate circuits. With its high adhesion properties, it securely holds wafer pieces in place, minimizing contamination risks. Designed for high-throughput environments, it is compatible with various dicing technologies and is crucial for maintaining yield quality in semiconductor production.


Semiconductor Manufacturing

UV Dicing Protective Film is extensively used in the semiconductor industry to protect wafer surfaces during the dicing process. This ensures that the delicate circuits are not damaged, maintaining the integrity of the chips.

Electronics Assembly

In electronics manufacturing, this film is applied to protect sensitive components like PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) during assembly and transportation, minimizing the risk of scratches or other physical damages.

Automotive Industry

Used in the production of intricate automotive components, UV Dicing Protective Film safeguards the parts from contamination and damage during the cutting and assembly stages.