UHMW PE Film Tape

Super Abrasion Resistance

Low Coefficient of Friction

Translucent Appearance

Chemical Resistance


Commonly utilized in general industrial contexts, UHMW-PE Film Tape effectively mitigates squeaks and rattles stemming from metal and plastic material vibrations or wear. Its ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene composition grants robust chemical and abrasion resistance, ensuring prolonged durability. The tape, conveniently liner-mounted, is easily die-cut for specific needs. It’s particularly suitable for applications necessitating heightened chemical resistance, low friction coefficients, and smooth part/material motion. This slick-surfaced tape is predominant in aerospace, automotive, printing, and MRO sectors.


Industrial Machinery: Applied on conveyor belts, guide rails, and chutes to reduce friction and noise.

Automotive Sector: Used for skid plates, reducing wear and enhancing vehicle performance.

Aerospace Industry: Employed in aircraft interiors to prevent scuffs and wear.

Printing Equipment: Protects sensitive surfaces on printing machines from damage.

Manufacturing: Facilitates smooth movement of parts in drawers, cabinets, and sliding mechanisms.

Stretch Forming: Safeguards aluminum sheets during press processes.