Teflon Tape

High Temperature Resistance

Good Viscosity

Anti-static (ESD)

Fire Retardant

Insulation Resistance

Teflon tape, also known as PTFE tape or Teflon adhesive tape, begins with a base of glass fiber coated with a layer of PTFE emulsion. After drying, it transforms into PTFE-coated fiberglass fabric. This high-temperature-resistant tape undergoes a secondary coating with silicone adhesive, resulting in a durable and heat-resistant solution.

Renowned for its reliability in challenging environments, Teflon tape excels in diverse applications. Trust in our PTFE tape to provide a robust, temperature-resistant sealing solution, crafted from PTFE-coated fiberglass for superior performance.


Teflon-tape-anti static-esd-application

Sealing and Gasketing: Teflon tape is widely used for creating a secure seal in plumbing, pipe fittings, and threaded connections, preventing leaks in diverse systems.

High-Temperature Environments: Its resistance to heat makes it ideal for applications in environments with elevated temperatures, such as in industrial machinery and manufacturing processes.

Electronics: Teflon tape’s non-conductive and anti-static properties make it suitable for applications in the electronics industry, where it helps insulate and protect sensitive components.

Packaging: In the packaging industry, Teflon tape is utilized for its non-stick properties, allowing smooth and efficient movement of materials on conveyor belts and packaging equipment.

Industrial Machinery: Teflon tape is employed in various industrial machinery applications, including as a release agent on molds, providing a non-stick surface.

Automotive: It finds use in automotive applications, particularly for sealing and lubricating components that operate under high temperatures and require resistance to chemicals.

Food Processing: Due to its non-toxic and non-contaminating nature, Teflon tape is used in food processing applications for sealing and conveying materials.