Finger Lifting Tape

No Blemishes or Lines

Crystal Clear Transparency

Constructed from Polypropylene Backing

Maintains Archival Standards

Fingerprint Lifting Tape WH8004 stands as the epitome of evidence preservation, meticulously designed for collecting and safeguarding physical proof. Crafted from a cutting-edge polypropylene backing, this ultra-transparent, hand-tearable film tape guarantees superior conformity and flexibility. Its specialty performance is tailored to the lifting and preservation of crucial evidence, specifically fingerprints.

Renowned for its exceptional cleanliness, this tape is impervious to moisture and resistant to both sunlight degradation and prolonged storage. Its dimensional stability remains unwavering even at a continuous 225°F (107°C). With an adhesive that defies oozing and adheres seamlessly to smooth surfaces, the tape ensures effortless application. Unraveling its potential is hassle-free, guaranteeing a seamless process.

Fingerprint Lifting Tape WH8004 promises unrivaled clarity and precision, making it an indispensable asset in the world of evidence collection and preservation.


Preserving physical information and evidence

Finger Lifting Tape finds essential utility in a range of applications where delicate evidence handling is paramount:

1. Forensics: In criminal investigations, the tape delicately lifts fingerprints from surfaces, aiding in accurate analysis and identification.

2. Archiving: For museums, archives, and conservationists, it ensures pristine handling of delicate documents and artifacts during documentation.

3. Art Restoration: Used by art conservators to delicately lift and secure fragile elements during restoration and preservation.

4. Document Authentication: Essential for securely lifting fragile ink or document fragments for forensic analysis and verification.

5. Evidentiary Collection: Vital for law enforcement and legal proceedings, it preserves physical evidence with precision, ensuring admissibility.

6. Laboratory Research: Used to handle fragile samples, ensuring minimal contact and damage during experimentation.

7. Pharmaceutical Analysis: Helps researchers handle delicate samples without contamination, crucial in drug development.

8. Fine Arts: Employed by artists for handling intricate elements during delicate artistic processes, ensuring precision.

Finger Lifting Tape is a tool of meticulous finesse, enhancing the handling of fragile evidence and materials across diverse fields.