PVC Shrink Film


Tamper Resistance


Compatibility with Printing


Ideal for boxed items, candles, gift baskets, and more, PVC shrink wrap rolls offer secure packaging. With low heat requirements, they suit heat-sensitive products. Centerfold PVC provides clarity and strength, unfolding to double width after heat application. Ensure ventilation due to PVC’s chloride content. Suitable for I bar sealer replacements.


Retail Packaging: PVC shrink wrap is used to package and display products in retail environments, enhancing their appearance, providing tamper resistance, and protecting them from dust and moisture.

Boxed Products: It’s commonly used to wrap boxed items like electronics, toys, and small appliances, ensuring secure packaging and clear visibility of the product.

Gift Baskets: PVC shrink wrap is used to bundle and protect gift baskets, keeping items together and enhancing the presentation.

Candles and Soaps: It’s popular for packaging candles and soap bars, providing a protective layer while allowing customers to see the product.

Stationery and Cards: It’s utilized for packaging stationery sets, cards, and art supplies, keeping items organized and protected.