PVC Knifeless Tape

Easy tearability

Wear resistance

Strong adhesive strength

PVC knifeless tape, also known as fabric-patterned tape, is composed of PVC film and rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. With a standard temperature resistance of 80 degrees Celsius and a 60u adhesive thickness, it exhibits excellent lateral tearability and durability against wear. Specifically designed to protect the surfaces of wooden speaker panels, it effectively prevents surface abrasion during both manufacturing and transportation processes.


Thickness: 0.15±10%mm

Tensile Strength: 0.16kg/10mm

Elongation at Break: 100%

Adhesive Force: 0.14kg/10mm


PVC knifeless tape is versatile and finds applications across various industries including speaker manufacturing, footwear production, machine protection, mold protection, door frame protection, moving and packing services, as well as in certain electronic devices.

PVC knifeless tape (embossed tape) can be used for sealing and packaging in a wide temperature range, and is also suitable for sealing cardboard boxes for frozen food.


pvc knifeless tape

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