PVC Bag Sealer Tape (Vegetable Tape)

Dispenser Compatibility

Color Variety


Our PVC bag sealing tape—a print-friendly, heat-shrinkable solution that’s resilient to acids, solvents, and alkalis.

Elevate organization with three stocked colors— green, red, and blue—allowing easy perishable age coding.  We can make various colors.

This PVC bag sealer tape excels with bag sealing tape dispensers, ensuring efficient use



pvc bag sealer tape application-poly bag sealing

Our PVC Bag Sealer Tape is a versatile solution for efficient bag sealing, finding application across diverse industries. Swiftly seal polyethylene and various film bags, enhancing productivity in:

Produce Bags: Securely seal bags containing fresh produce for optimal preservation.

Bakery Products: Maintain freshness by sealing bags of baked goods with ease.

Candy Items: Ensure airtight seals to preserve the quality of candy items.

Floral Arrangements: Safeguard the beauty of floral arrangements with secure bag sealing.

Industrial Parts: Protect and seal bags containing various industrial parts.

Newspapers: Use for bundling and securing newspapers efficiently.

Hardware: Seal bags containing hardware items for safe and secure storage.

Additionally, the tape’s color-coding capability facilitates the organization of perishables based on their age, streamlining inventory management. Trust in our PVC Bag Sealer Tape for reliable, swift, and versatile bag sealing applications across a range of industries.



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