PVC Grip Anti Slip Tape

high viscosity

excellent skid resistance

abrasion proof texture

waterproof, solvent resistance, high temperature resistance

PVC anti slip grip tape is a versatile and durable solution for preventing slips and falls in high traffic areas. Made from high-quality PVC material and acrylic adhesive, this tape is designed to provide a reliable grip on a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal, and concrete. Its non-slip surface is perfect for use in slippery environments such as staircases, ramps, and walkways. With its easy-to-apply adhesive backing, PVC anti slip grip tape can be quickly and easily installed to create a safer environment



Note: bathrooms, bathtubs, swimming pools and other water-affected environments must be kept in a dry environment for 24 hours before use


1. suitable for industry, catering service, shopping malls, wedding banquet, exhibition and other industries.
2. suitable for bathroom, toilet ground skid.
3. suitable for hotel, travel, factory workshop, construction engineering and other application environment.