Polyimide Label

High-Temperature Tolerance

Superior Adhesion



Engineered from high-grade polyimide, these labels are a fortress against extreme temperatures (up to 500°F), chemical solvents, and abrasion. They offer dimensional stability, meaning they won’t shrink or expand under stress. With high-performance adhesives, they cling to surfaces like a pro, ensuring longevity. Their print quality is top-notch, offering clear and legible text or barcodes. Ideal for sectors like aerospace, automotive, and chemical processing.


Electronics Manufacturing: Ideal for PCB tracking and component labeling, where heat resistance is crucial.

Automotive: Used in engine components and electrical systems that require high-temperature resilience.

Aerospace: Essential for labeling parts that are exposed to extreme environmental conditions.

Chemical Industry: Perfect for labeling containers and equipment that come into contact with corrosive substances.

Medical Equipment: Suitable for sterilization processes that involve high temperatures or harsh chemicals.

Energy Sector: Used in power plants and renewable energy installations for equipment identification.

Military & Defense: For labeling equipment that needs to withstand rugged conditions.

Research Labs: Ideal for sample identification in experiments involving high temperatures or corrosive materials.




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