PFA Film

Temperature Resilience

Chemical Resistance

Electrical Insulation

Low Friction

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Our premium PFA Film—engineered for unparalleled performance in high-temperature and chemical-resistant applications. Offering exceptional thermal stability and non-stick properties, this film is your go-to solution for electrical insulation, semiconductor manufacturing, and more. Elevate your industrial processes with the gold standard in fluoropolymer films


Semiconductor Manufacturing: Used in wafer processing and chip manufacturing where high purity and chemical resistance are non-negotiable.

Aerospace & Automotive: Ideal for wire insulation and fuel line protection, ensuring safety and performance at high altitudes and speeds.

Chemical Processing: A staple in tanks, vessels, and piping that come into contact with aggressive chemicals.

Medical Devices: Its biocompatible nature makes it suitable for surgical instruments and other medical applications.

Food & Beverage: FDA-approved for food contact, making it a safe choice for food processing equipment.

Energy Sector: Used in solar panels and other renewable energy applications for its durability and resistance to environmental factors.


(1) PFA PG series

It is made of 100% high-purity grade PFA resin, with an MFI value between 5-2.5

(2) PFA WG series

It will save 15%-20% of the cost than the PG series film, and has the same physical properties, mechanical properties and thermoforming properties as the PG series.

Ideal for heat sealing, welding and other hot melt adhesive applications where appearance is not critical