PET Release Film

Smooth Surface

Chemical Resistance

High Release Properties


PET release film, often employed in manufacturing and adhesive applications, offers an adaptable surface for easy material separation. With excellent release properties, it ensures smooth detachment of adhesive materials, making it a reliable choice for diverse industries seeking efficient and controlled product assembly and production processes.


Adhesive Tapes: PET release films are used as backing materials for adhesive tapes, providing a smooth surface that facilitates easy release of the adhesive.

Labels: They are utilized as release liners for adhesive labels, ensuring that the labels can be easily removed and applied.

Protective Films: PET release films are used as protective layers for various surfaces, products, or components during manufacturing, shipping, and handling.

Graphic Arts: They are employed in the printing industry to protect printed materials such as posters, banners, and decals.

Automotive Industry: PET release films find use in automotive manufacturing for protecting sensitive surfaces during painting, assembly, and transportation.

Electronics: They are applied as release liners for adhesives used in electronics manufacturing, preventing contamination and ensuring easy handling.