PET Protective Film

High Tensile Strength

Dimensional Stability

No Residue

PET Protective Film offers surface protection against scratches, dust, and UV rays. Comprising a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrate, this film is renowned for its high tensile strength and dimensional stability. Ideal for electronic displays and industrial applications, it ensures zero residue upon removal. Customizable thickness and adhesive options are available.

Electronics Industry


Electronics Industry

  • Smartphone Screens: Provides a scratch-resistant layer for touchscreens.
  • LCD Panels: Guards against dust and minor abrasions during manufacturing and shipping.

Automotive Sector

  • Car Displays: Protects in-car entertainment and navigation screens.
  • Window Tinting: Acts as a protective layer during the tinting process.

Industrial Equipment

  • Control Panels: Keeps interfaces clean and scratch-free in harsh industrial environments.
  • Machinery: Protects sensitive components during manufacturing and transport.

Construction and Architecture

  • Glass Surfaces: Shields glass panes from scratches and debris during construction.
  • Metal Surfaces: Prevents corrosion and surface damage on metal components.