Nitto 903UL Teflon Tape

Exceptional Heat Resistance: Withstands temperatures spanning -60°C to 200°C, excelling in extreme conditions.

Versatile Electrical Insulation: Provides reliable insulation for various electrical applications.

Certified Flame Retardancy: Complies with UL510 flame retardancy standards for enhanced safety.

This adhesive tape features a silicone adhesive delicately coated onto a fluoroplastic (PTFE) film. Its versatility spans a temperature spectrum from -60°C to 200°C, while conforming to UL-510 flame retardant standards. Boasting remarkable electrical insulation and superior sliding attributes, this tape is a coveted choice for numerous applications that capitalize on the distinct qualities of fluoroplastic.


Electric Wiring Protection: Providing insulation for electric wires, cables, and coils.
Power Storage Devices: Ensuring electrode insulation in secondary batteries and similar power storage units.
Printer Paper Feed: Facilitating heat-resistant sliding in printer paper-feeding sections.
Motor Drive Systems: Offering insulation and smooth sliding for motor drive systems.
Solder Protection: Masking solder areas during processes.
Automotive Noise Control: Mitigating friction noise within automobiles and enhancing sliding control.
Molding Enhancement: Improving releasability during the molding process.