Nano Tape

Reusable and Washable

No Residue or Damage

Transparent and Aesthetic

Cut-to-Size Flexibility

Nano tape is a revolutionary adhesive solution featuring microscopic suction cups on both sides. Reusable and residue-free, it adheres to surfaces firmly, allowing for easy mounting of objects. Its versatile, non-damaging grip makes it ideal for décor, organization, and temporary fixing without the need for traditional adhesives.


Hanging Items: Nano tape can be used to hang lightweight items like posters, photos, and decorations on walls without the need for nails, hooks, or traditional adhesive tapes.

Cable Management: Nano tape can help secure cables and cords to walls, desks, or floors, keeping them organized and preventing tripping hazards.

Kitchen Use: It can be applied inside cabinets and drawers to keep items like utensils, cutting boards, and small appliances in place.

Car Accessories: Nano tape can be used in vehicles to hold items like phones, GPS devices, sunglasses, or small gadgets securely in place on the dashboard or console.

Securing Rugs: Nano tape can be used to prevent rugs from slipping on smooth surfaces, improving safety and preventing accidents.