ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape

Delivers a Neat, Enduring Adherence to Lightweight Materials

Ensures Swift Attachment and Outstanding UV Protection

Efficiently Bonds to Smooth and Slightly Textured Surfaces

Experience bonding precision with ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape WH924. Engineered for versatility, this acrylic adhesive tape excels in diverse material combinations. Applied seamlessly through ATG Adhesive Applicators, its reverse wound, pressure-sensitive composition adheres to substrates with finesse. Its robust adhesion, solvent resistance, and UV durability make it an ideal general-purpose adhesive.

Instant contact bonding is achieved as the ATG system dispenses the adhesive, while the liner retracts. A cost-effective alternative to traditional fasteners and hot melts, this tape promises safety, ease, and efficiency. Embrace the simplicity of ATG tape for controlled, rapid, and reliable bonding.




Affixing Mat Board in Picture Frames and Dust Covers
Securing Menus, Invitations, Table Tents, and Cards
Enabling Commercial Print Assembly
Crafting Point of Purchase and Promotional Displays with Inserts