Kikusui 190 Non-woven Tissue Tape

Long-lasting Use

Versatile Adhesion

Exceptional Weathering Resistance

Part Fixing and Temporary Applications

With a thickness of 0.110mm, tissue tape boasts a non-woven backing and is infused with high-quality acrylic glue. This combination allows the tissue tape to adhere effectively to various surfaces, such as wood, paper, and chemical products, ensuring a secure and lasting bond. Its ability to withstand different weather conditions further enhances its reliability and effectiveness, providing a dependable solution for both indoor and outdoor use.


Medical Dressings: Non-woven tape is extensively used in the healthcare sector to secure medical dressings, gauze, and wound coverings. Its breathable and hypoallergenic nature makes it suitable for sensitive skin, ensuring patient comfort while aiding in wound healing.

Automotive and Electronics: Non-woven tape is utilized in the automotive and electronics industries for wire harnessing and cable management.

Textile and Fashion: Non-woven tape is employed in the textile and fashion industry for various applications, such as seam reinforcement, hemming, and fabric repair.