Green Polyester (PET) Tape

Temperature Resistance: Withstands varying temperatures, making it suitable for both high-temperature processes and outdoor applications.

Precision Masking: Enables accurate masking and protection of intricate areas during various industrial processes.

Electrical Insulation: In certain cases, the tape’s polyester material offers electrical insulation properties, adding versatility.

Clean Removal: Offers residue-free removal, leaving surfaces unblemished and ready for the next step.

Discover the exceptional capabilities of Green Polyester (PET) Tape, a versatile solution for precision masking and protection needs. With its vivid green color, it stands out for easy identification and differentiation. This tape offers reliable adhesion to various surfaces, ensuring clean and residue-free removal, making it perfect for temporary applications. Its polyester construction grants it durability and resistance against abrasions, chemicals, and UV exposure. From electronics to automotive painting, this tape guarantees precise masking, safeguarding surfaces during intricate tasks. Elevate your projects with the accuracy and protection that Green Polyester (PET) Tape brings to your endeavors.



1. Electronics: Used for masking during PCB manufacturing, protecting sensitive components from soldering and conformal coating processes.

2. Automotive Painting: Ideal for precision masking in automotive painting, preventing overspray and ensuring sharp paint lines.

3. Powder Coating: Applied to areas not intended for coating, ensuring clear edges and clean surfaces after the coating process.

4. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Production: Used to cover and protect specific areas during etching and plating processes.

5. Surface Protection: Applied to surfaces susceptible to scratches, abrasions, or chemical exposure, maintaining their integrity.

6. Anodizing: Used in anodizing processes to mask off areas that should remain uncoated.

7. Arts and Crafts: Employed for intricate designs in arts and crafts projects, providing accurate masking.

8. Labeling and Marking: Utilized as a colored marking tape for labeling purposes in warehouses or workshops.

9. Identification: Used to mark specific sections or components for identification or sorting purposes.

10. Temporary Repairs: Applied to hold items temporarily in place, acting as a quick and efficient solution.

Green Polyester (PET) Tape finds its purpose in precision masking and protection across various industries, ensuring meticulous results and surface integrity.