Grass Seaming Tape


UV Resistant

Durable Material

Grass seaming tape is a specialized adhesive strip designed for joining and securing artificial grass surfaces. It ensures a seamless and durable bond between grass panels, enhancing the overall appearance and longevity of synthetic lawns. Resistant to weather and wear, it’s an essential tool for achieving a polished and professional-looking installation.


Artificial Lawn Installation: The primary purpose of grass seaming tape is to join separate pieces of artificial grass together, creating a seamless and cohesive lawn surface.

Sports Fields and Playgrounds: Grass seaming tape is widely used in the installation of artificial turf for sports fields, playgrounds, and recreational areas.

Landscaping Projects: In residential and commercial landscaping projects, seaming tape is used to create continuous and uniform synthetic grass areas, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the outdoor space.

Pet Areas: Seaming tape helps create a secure and durable surface for pets to play and roam without damaging the seams.

Roof Gardens and Balconies: Artificial grass is often used to create green spaces on rooftops and balconies.