Flexographic Plate Mounting Tape

Strong Grip, No Residue
Bubble Prevention, Zero Deformation
Eco-friendly, Reusable Rubber Adhesive

Our innovative Flexographic Plate Mounting Tape featuring user-friendly adhesive technology. Purpose-built for effortless attachment of flexographic print plates onto cylinders or sleeves, this cutting-edge solution guarantees unmatched quality in every detail.

Our state-of-the-art white mounting adhesive tape offers a superior standard density combination print, ensuring your prints are vivid, precise, and of the highest caliber. Whether you’re in the realm of label printing, flexible packaging, or corrugated applications, our Flexographic Plate Mounting Tape elevates your output to a new level of professionalism and finesse.

Reimagine your printing experience with the ease and reliability of Flexographic Plate Mounting Tape – a testament to our commitment to uncompromising quality and innovation in every aspect of your printing process. Your pursuit of superior print results starts here.

Whether in label printing, flexible packaging, or corrugated applications, this tape’s reliability transforms print processes into a masterpiece of accuracy and efficiency. Embrace the future of print technology with Flexographic Plate Mounting Tape and redefine the art of printing precision. Your quest for unmatched print quality ends here.


Print Industry Staple: Common in carton, woven bag, and publication printing.
Plate Securement: Fastens flexo, rubber, and resin plates.
Industrial Bonding: Adheres materials across sectors.