Fish Paper Tape

Good Insulation

High Temp Resistant

Tears easily by hand

Strong Viscosity


Whtape fish paper tape is single side tape with good viscosity. It has good insulation performance. Generally, it is used for electric products and equipment, such as motor insulation paper, battery pack insulation, and is a good gap blocking material. Also, It can resist 130 degree high temperature. Besides, It can withstand 4000 volts. It does not foam or leave glue. And it is wear-resistant making the operation environment safer, suitable for electrical enameled wire, carp battery and so on. Lastly, it is easy to process and die cut. We can make any shapes based on your application.

fish paper tape die cut


Widely used in motors, electrical appliances, transformers, instruments and other equipment as insulation materials; Insulation wrapping of new energy vehicle battery box, battery pack and battery; Solar street light insulation protection.

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