Chemical Resistance

Excellent Insulation

Thermal Resistance

Light Transmittance

ETFE film is a durable and transparent fluoropolymer material valued for its exceptional resilience and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. It offers high UV transparency and remarkable chemical resistance. ETFE film finds widespread use in architectural projects, aerospace applications, and where a combination of strength, lightness, and durability is essential.


Architectural Membranes: ETFE film is used in architectural structures, such as roofs and facades, to create lightweight, durable, and transparent membrane systems.

Greenhouses: ETFE film is used to create transparent roofing for greenhouses, allowing sunlight to penetrate while providing thermal insulation.

Skylights: It’s used for skylights and overhead coverings, providing natural lighting while maintaining energy efficiency.

Solar Panels: ETFE film is used as a protective layer for solar panels, enhancing their durability and efficiency.

Aerospace: ETFE film is used in aerospace applications for its lightweight properties, resistance to harsh conditions, and ability to withstand temperature fluctuations.

Automotive: It’s used in the automotive industry for lightweight panels, cladding, and interior applications.