Custom Print Japanese Washi Paper Tape

Customizable Designs

Tearable by Hand

Premium Washi Paper


Elevate your crafting with our Custom Print Japanese Washi Paper Tape. This decorative washi tape featuring unique custom prints. Perfect for scrapbooking, journaling, and gift wrapping. This Washi tape adds a touch of Japanese artistry to your projects. Crafted from Japanese washi paper, it ensures easy application, durability, and a distinctive aesthetic.

Explore endless possibilities and make your creations stand out with our Custom Print Japanese Washi Paper Tape. Elevate your art with this premium, customizable tape now.


Japanese washi paper tape for decoration

Decorative Crafting: Elevate your DIY projects with personalized designs on scrapbooks, journals, and handmade cards.

Gift Wrapping: Add a touch of uniqueness to presents by using custom-printed Washi tape for securing and decorating gift packages.

Home Decor: Create visually appealing accents on furniture, walls, and accessories with this decorative tape.

Journaling and Planners: Customize your planners and journals with themed or personalized Washi tape for an artistic touch.

Art Projects: Ideal for school projects, collages, and art installations, enhancing creativity and visual appeal.

Product Packaging: Add a unique branding element to product packaging, making your products stand out.

Event Decor: Use custom-printed Washi tape for event decor, including weddings, parties, and other celebrations.

Stationery: Enhance the visual appeal of stationery items like notebooks, pens, and folders.

Labeling: Organize items with style by using printed Washi tape for labeling and categorization.

DIY Fashion: Embellish clothing items, accessories, or create custom bookmarks and bookmarks with this versatile tape.