CPP Film



Heat Sealability

Moisture Resistance

Puncture Resistance

CPP film, or Cast Polypropylene film, is a thermoplastic material renowned for its wide applications. With excellent clarity and moisture barrier properties, CPP film is utilized in packaging, labeling, and lamination industries. Its flexibility, heat sealability, and resistance to punctures make it a preferred choice for various products, from snacks to medical supplies. CPP film ensures product protection while maintaining visual appeal and performance across diverse sectors.


It is widely used for protection of ITO films, glass cover panels, TP processes, modules, and complete machine shipments. Here are some common applications of CPP film:

Food Packaging: CPP film is used for packaging a wide range of food products, including snacks, confectionery, fresh produce, and frozen foods, due to its excellent moisture and vapor barrier properties.

Flexible Packaging: It’s employed in flexible packaging applications like pouches, bags, and sachets for items such as snacks, grains, pet food, and more.

Lamination: CPP film is used in lamination with other materials like paper, foil, or other films to enhance packaging’s barrier properties and durability.