Aluminum Butyl Tape


UV Resistant

Temperature Resistant


Aluminum Butyl tape is an adhesive tape known for its waterproof and airtight sealing properties. It is commonly used in construction, automotive, and marine applications for sealing joints, seams, and gaps. With excellent weather resistance and adhesion, butyl tape provides durable and long-lasting sealing solutions.


Butyl tape finds a variety of applications across different industries due to its waterproof and airtight sealing properties. Some common applications include:

  1. Construction: Sealing joints and gaps in roofing, windows, doors, and concrete structures to prevent water and air infiltration.
  2. Automotive: Sealing automotive seams, windows, sunroofs, and body panels to provide weatherproofing and corrosion protection.
  3. Marine: Sealing seams, hatches, windows, and ports on boats and ships to prevent water intrusion and maintain structural integrity.
  4. HVAC: Sealing HVAC ducts, joints, and seams to improve energy efficiency and prevent air leaks.
  5. Electronics: Providing moisture and dust protection for electrical connections, components, and circuit boards in electronic devices.
  6. Pipe Wrapping: Wrapping around pipes and fittings to create a waterproof and airtight seal, commonly used in plumbing and pipeline applications.
  7. RV and Trailer: Sealing seams, vents, and windows on recreational vehicles and trailers to prevent water leaks and maintain interior comfort.
  8. Gutter Repair: Repairing and sealing leaks in gutters and downspouts to prevent water damage to buildings and landscaping.

Butyl tape’s flexibility, durability, and adhesive properties make it suitable for a wide range of sealing and bonding applications in various industries.


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