Aluminum Foil Tape

Waterproof: Resists moisture, ideal for sealing applications.

Insulation: Provides excellent thermal insulation properties.

Conductive: Suitable for electrical applications needing conductivity.

Shielding: Effective against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).

Heat-resistant: Can withstand high temperatures.

High-adhesion: Strong adhesive for secure bonding.

Aluminum foil tape offers excellent thermal insulation and moisture resistance, making it ideal for sealing HVAC ducts, wrapping insulation, and general repairs. Its high-strength adhesive ensures a secure bond on a variety of surfaces. With superior durability and reflective properties, it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

aluminum foil tape


Aluminum foil tape is highly versatile and used in various applications:

HVAC Systems: Sealing and joining ductwork for thermal insulation and moisture resistance.

Electrical: Shielding and protecting electrical cables and components from EMI/RFI.

Insulation: Wrapping and sealing insulation materials to enhance thermal performance.

Repairs: Temporary or permanent fixes for metal surfaces, pipes, and gutters.

Aerospace and Automotive: Used in manufacturing and repair for heat shielding and reflective insulation.

Its durability, heat resistance, and strong adhesive make it suitable for many industries.