Acrylic Foam Tape (VHB Tape)

Acrylic foam tape, a groundbreaking adhesive marvel, redefines bonding solutions across industries. Comprising a unique cellular structure, this tape integrates resilience with versatility. Engineered from a blend of acrylic polymers, it fuses two robust adhesive faces with a foam core, forming a cohesive unit that guarantees exceptional bonding strength.

The tape’s cellular architecture grants it unparalleled conformability, enabling it to adhere flawlessly to irregular surfaces while effectively distributing stress loads. This quality eradicates the need for mechanical fasteners, offering a streamlined and aesthetically pleasing finish. Resistant to extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and moisture, acrylic foam tape thrives in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Acrylic foam tape’s enduring adhesive capabilities and adaptability make it a paramount choice, fostering innovation and efficiency across industries. It’s not just a tape; it’s a testament to modern adhesive engineering, revolutionizing the way materials connect and industries operate.



Its applications are expansive, spanning from automotive assembly, construction, and electronics to signage and furniture fabrication. In the automotive realm, it secures exterior trim, eliminates vibration noise, and enhances aerodynamics. In construction, it aids in panel fixation, acting as a thermal and acoustic barrier. Moreover, it provides an elegant solution for mounting decorative panels and mirrors.