3M VHB Foam Tape

Permanent Strong Bonding


Temperature Resistance

No Residue




3M VHB tape is a viscoelastic alternative to stud screws and weldment belts, helping to absorb shock and vibration and achieve bond stability in a wide range of applications in many industries, with operating temperatures as low as 0-5°C in some application environments, it has excellent low temperature resistance.

As agent of 3M, Whtape supply various original 3M tape, films and glue with competitive price and adequate stocks. Certificates of analysis and certificate of conformity will be provide for you. Converting services like slitting and die-cutting are provided. 




3M5952; 3M5925; 3M5915; 3M5909; 3M5907; 3M5908; 3M5611; 3M4905; 3M5925; 3M5611A-GF; 3M4920; 3M4914-025; 3M5608N; 3M VHB LSE 110WF; 3M 4950 VHB; 3M4957; 3M VHB 4972-35; 3M VHB 4956F; 3M 5314; 3M BR-12; etc

Adhesive Color:

Grey, Clear, Black,White etc


0.4/0.6/0.8/1.1/1.6/2.0mm etc

Long Term Temperature Resistance:

85 degree

Short Term Temperature Resistance:

110 degree



Construction Projects: Ensure secure bonding of architectural panels, facades, and signage for a sleek and durable finish.

Automotive Assembly: Revolutionize automotive design by replacing traditional fasteners, enhancing aesthetics, and ensuring robust structural integrity.

Electronics: Achieve precision and reliability in electronic device assembly, with VHB providing a strong and lasting bond.

Aerospace Applications: Meet stringent aerospace requirements with VHB’s high-performance bonding in aircraft interior and exterior applications.

Industrial Manufacturing: Streamline production processes by securely bonding metals, plastics, and composites, enhancing efficiency and product durability.