3M Super 35 Vinyl Electrical Tape


Fade-resistant Marking


Scotch Vinyl Multi-Colored Electrical Tape 35, 7 mil thick, offers premium-grade protection. With flame retardancy, it’s perfect for wire identification, motor leads, and safety marking. Rated at 600V, it withstands -10 to 105 °C. Resistant to UV, abrasion, and chemicals, it adheres to any shape, ensuring safety and compliance.

As a 3M agent and tape manufacturer, Whtape not only supplies 3M Scotch Super 35 but also supplies its alternative.


Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, this tape is perfect for durable phase identification, motor lead color-coding, and safety area marking. It’s also handy for labeling electrical wiring insulation and identifying cables in cell sites. Temperature resistant from 14ºF to 221ºF (-10ºC to 105ºC), ensuring versatile application.

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