3M 471 Vinyl Floor Tape

BOLD HUES: An extensive range of colors facilitates the marking of floors and safeguarding of surfaces with efficient color-based categorization.

EXCLUSIVE FLEXIBILITY: Slight elasticity enables this tape to snugly adapt to uneven surfaces, preventing peeling and retracting.

LEAVES NO RESIDUE: Engineered for neat, single-piece detachment to reduce the need for extensive cleaning and labor.

The 3M 471 Vinyl Tape stands as a pinnacle of reliability and versatility in the world of adhesive tapes. Engineered by 3M, a trusted leader in adhesive technology, this tape is designed to excel in a wide range of applications. Its remarkable adhesive properties ensure steadfast adhesion to various surfaces, creating a strong bond that endures even under challenging conditions.

Crafted from premium-quality vinyl material, the 471 tape boasts exceptional durability and resistance to abrasions, moisture, and chemicals. This makes it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications, where reliability and longevity are paramount. The tape’s flexibility allows it to conform to irregular surfaces with ease, ensuring a smooth and professional finish.

Whether utilized for color-coding, lane marking, bundling, or sealing, the 3M 471 Vinyl Tape delivers unmatched performance. Its vibrant color options provide visual distinction and organization, while its high-performance adhesive guarantees adherence that withstands the test of time. For projects demanding a tape that combines resilience, versatility, and strong bonding capabilities, the 3M 471 Vinyl Tape emerges as the ultimate solution.



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