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Die-cutting Tape

Die cutting-with automatic slitting machine, any customized size and shape that makes your project more convenient and efficient is available. 

With a die made for your project, we can make any shapes regular or irregular like square, round, heart shape etc.

die cutting 3M foam tape, VHB tape, transfer tape
die cutting service tape sample-thermal conductive tape, copper foil tape, graphite flake, fish paper tape

Die-cutting Service

Our rotary die-cutting machine, flatbed die-cutting machine and laser cutting machine allows us to create adhesive tape products in a wide range of custom shapes and sizes.

Whether you need circular pieces, intricate patterns, or specific dimensions, our die-cutting process can accommodate your needs.

flatbed die cutting machine

Flatbed Die-cutting Machine

rotary machine

Rotary Die-cutting Machine

laser cutting machine

Laser Cutting Machine

Factory Display

Whtape offers a broad portfolio of pressure sensitive tapes and protective films.

We strictly control variables in manufacturing process to maintain the uniform standard of tape.

It is the details that determine the results. Thus we pay full attention to all details of your cases and deliver your expectation. These are what have leaded and inspired us since 1998.

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Die-cutting Machine

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