As 3M authorized distributor, we distribute 3M adhesives and tapes, 3M labels, 3M electrical and electronics, 3M film and sheeting, 3M commercial signage and digital printing products, 3M abrasives, and 3M personal protective products etc. We offer a wide range of 3M products with competitive price. Besides, we are also capable of converting tape for you to the size and shape you need. 

3M Hot Sale Products

3M transfer tape

3M 467MP Transfer Tape

More 3M Transfer tape models: 3M 468MP, 3M 9495LE, 3M 9472LE, 3M 465, 3M 950, 3M  9485PC, 3M 966, 3M ATG 924, 3M 9460PC, 3M 9453LE, 3M 9482PC, 3M 9469PC, 3M 9672LE, 3M 9472LE, 3M 9667MP, 3M 7965MP, 3M 9653LE, 3M 9775WL+, 3M 9774WL+ etc

3M 5952 VHB Tape

More 3M VHB tape models: 3M 5608, 3M 5611, 3MGPL-GF, 3M 4945, 3M 4910, 3M 4920, 3M 4930, 3M 4950, 3M 4955, 3M 4959, 3M 4941, 3M 4936, 3M 5958FR etc

3M5952 VHB tape
3M 77 adhesive spray

3M 77 Spray Adhesive

More 3M adhesive models: 3M 67, 3M 75, 3M 90, 3M 74, 3M 76,  3M DP100, 3M DP110, 3M DP490,  3M DP190, 3M DP420,  3M DP620, 3M DP810, 3M DP 105, 3M DP460, 3M DP2216,  3M 94 premier, 3M 3950, 3M CA40,  3M DP6310NS, 3M DP125, 3M FB49 etc

3M 7447 Hand Pad

More abrasive models: 3M 6895, 3M 947A, 3M 775L, 3M 399F, 3M 784, 3M 982, 3M 2600, 3M 7521C, 3M 362L, 3M 268L, 3M 787C, 3M 967F, 3M 307EA, 3M 777F, 3M 891F, 3M 723D, 3M 984F, 3M 7447B, 3M 64659 etc

3M hand pad

Die-cutting Tape Cases

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3M tape warehouse 1
Die-cutting Machine

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